St.Gallen will surprise you

St.Galler Altstadt

St.Gallen, the centre of Eastern Switzerland, has a centuries-old tradition as an appealing pacemaker and a vibrant pole in the triangle formed by the borders of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. St.Gallen will surprise and impress you. The city combines tradition and innovation, homely charm and metropolitan dynamism, intact rural idylls and colourful city districts. St.Gallen is unique. The city stands out through a high quality of life, first-class educational facilities and dynamic economic potential.

St.Gallen is known far and wide as a textile city thanks to names such as Akris or Forster Rohner. The University of St.Gallen (HSG) and two universities of applied sciences underline St.Gallen’s reputation as a first-class centre of learning. The historic abbey of St.Gallen as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the CSIO St.Gallen put the city on the international map decades ago. St.Gallen is also a congress and health-care centre, made famous by various internationally significant events.


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