Competence networks

Competence networks

Clear networking benefits for companies

In times of Open Innovation, competence networks represent a decisive competitive advantage for all players: Along the entire value chain – from research and development all the way to sales and service – the network opens up excellent opportunities for companies to raise their performance. On the one hand, the result is above-average profitability for each company and, on the other, sustainable growth for the entire industry.

Economic development and network promotion

Strengthening competence networks is one of the City of St.Gallen’s Business Development’s central tasks. Among other ways, this is expressed in the following goals:

  • Activation of knowledge-sharing in and between the networks
  • Support for players through infrastructure and conditions
  • Strategic network enrichment through the arrival of new companies
  • Measures aimed at raising innovation and efficiency
  • Securing a vital labour market through qualified specialists

Linking proximity and quality

St.Gallen’s size is a definite plus when it comes to exploiting network opportunities: the city is large enough to answer any business questions specialised partners could ask. Unlike the large conurbations, it is manageable enough to solve current challenges personally and with few complications.


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