Quite international: The Consulting/Service competence network

Value Chain of the consulting/service comptence network

The University of St.Gallen (HSG), one of Europe's leading business universities, is located in the Eastern Switzerland metropolis. The consulting/service competence network benefits from its proximity to this elite training centre and comprises financial and insurance services, scientific-technical services as well as public administration.

"Consulting Valley" St.Gallen

The development of the Institute of Management at the University of St.Gallen (HSG) in the 1970s drew many professors to St.Gallen. As a result, more business and IT consulting firms than average developed here (cf. ICT competence network). Many companies are founded as university spin-offs with a business, macroeconomic or legal background. The founding activities of students also represent great potential for the entire region and are actively supported by STARTFELD. The total resulting consulting/service competence network is an outstanding strength of the City of St.Gallen.

Optimal environment for headquarters

The University and the University of Applied Sciences are the central reference points of this competence network. Their direct proximity to this competence centre represents a unique selling point, from which the City of St.Gallen benefits in multiple ways. For example, it offers headquarters an outstanding environment with high-quality institutions of education and further training. With Helvetia Insurance, the Raiffeisen Group, the Vontobel private bank and the life science company Sigma-Aldrich, several internationally active companies are already benefiting from this.


St.Gallen Location Promotion

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