Quite alive: The ICT competence network

Value Chain of the ICT competence network

Today information and communications technology (ICT) is of central significance in every sector, which additionally reinforces the brisance of the lack of specialised experts (until 2017 around 32,000). This makes the visualisation of St.Gallen's major competences in this area even more important.

IT St.Gallen rocks!

This fact should be better known. In order to achieve this, St.Gallen’s IT companies have chosen a unique approach and decided to join forces. Together with the city of St.Gallen, they have launched the “IT St.Gallen rocks!” initiative.

The initiative aims to increase awareness of St.Gallen as an ICT location. In future, ICT specialists will also consider the diverse opportunities on offer and the wide range of locational benefits in the economic region of St.Gallen.

The initiative is being realised by the IT association St.Gallen

Active city – dynamic future

The City of St.Gallen is creating optimal conditions for the ICT sector with the expansion of the optical fibre network and is consciously moving actively in Web 2.0. With its own participation platform is being operated, a mobile website was activated, an iPhone/iPad app was developed and information dealing with the city of St. Gallen is being regularly dispersed via Twitter and Facebook.


Due to the growing demand for ICT services and e-commerce in all areas of the economy and the increasingly higher demands for data security, above-average growth potential is to be expected for the entire sector. St.Gallen is equipped to respond.


St.Gallen Location Promotion

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