Quite traditional: The Machinery/Electronics/Metal competence network

Value chain of the MEM competence network

Machinery is the canton of St.Gallen’s most important export good. Its huge significance is no coincidence, but has grown over time, shaping the Machinery/Electronics/Metal competence network not least in the City of St.Gallen with its many and varied players.

Starting point embroidery boom

The origins of Eastern Switzerland’s machine industry are closely tied up with the embroidery boom towards the end of the 19th century and thus with the Textile competence network. In the wake of machine embroidery, which brought with it a huge economic upturn, Eastern Switzerland developed into one of Europe’s strongest industrialized regions at the turn of the last century. The expertise derived from textile machinery has been applied to competitive advantage in other industries.

Underrepresented in the city – strong in the surroundings

The Machinery/Electronics/Metal competence network is slightly underrepresented within the city limits. The picture changes if St.Gallen’s outlying industrial areas are included. For example, on 1 July 2011 the merger of two Eastern Swiss steel and metal traders will lead to the creation of a new company, Stürm SFS AG, in Goldach. With 290 employees, it will be Switzerland’s third-largest steel and metal trading company.


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