Quite a variety: The Pharmaceutical/Medicine competence network

Value Chain of the pharmaceutical/medicine competence network

The pharmaceutical/medicine competence network is strongly characterised by the Cantonal Hospital St.Gallen (KSSG). As the largest non-university hospital in Switzerland with around 3,700 employees, it represents the lighthouse of this network. In addition to extensive training and educational duties, it takes on universal service duties for the city and functions as the centre for the Canton of St.Gallen as well as the surrounding regions.

Innovative networks as the foundation

A unique characteristic of the pharmaceutical/medicine competence network is the close connection to the textile competence network. New products are being developed in the innovation partnerships between companies, the KSSG and Empa in the area of medicinal textiles. Various successful stakeholders represent the variety in this competence network: Competent contact and business partners from the production of medications and research chemicals to packaging and textile components are to be found in St.Gallen.

Advantage: agglomeration benefits

The existing successful collaboration between attractive partners provides the foundation for a step-by-step expansion of the network and a strengthening of the already present agglomeration benefits. With the establishment of the globally active life science and high-tech company Sigma-Aldrich, it was possible to win a renowned player for the competence network and the location of St.Gallen.


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