Quite tight-knit: The Textiles competence network

Value Chain of the textiles competence network

Tradition and innovation are closely knit in the St.Gallen textile industry. Whether it’s design, textiles, clothing, machines, retail or wholesale: an “economic fabric” has emerged from the world-famous embroidery industry whose innovations set international standards.

From embroidery to the network

At the end of the 19th century, in the heyday of the textile industry, over 100,000 people in the region were directly or indirectly employed in this sector. Over the course of industrialisation, the success of the textile location also gave wings to the entire machine industry in Eastern Switzerland. Even if the classic textile industry has lost its former significance, its powers of innovation and its expertise live on today in the various stakeholders of the competence network.

With high tech into the future

Embroidery and finishing continue to make up the core of the network. Around 40 percent of the Swiss textile industry's turnover is generated in the greater St.Gallen region. Today the sector is experiencing dynamic growth, especially in the area of high-tech textiles. Some of the most innovative providers are at home in the St. Gallen region where, among other things, they benefit from the cooperation with the Empa research centre "Materials meet Life". Developments from this sector are also being used outside the world of textiles, for instance in medical technology.

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