Democracy and politics


The political municipality of the city of St.Gallen is the capital of the canton of St.Gallen. It performs the roles assigned to it by the canton through the constitution and law, as well as the roles it selects itself in the public interest.

The bodies of the city are

  • the citizens
  • the City Parliament
  • the City Council.

The 63 members of the City Parliament, the five members of the City Council and the Mayor are elected by the people for a four-year term of office. The meetings of the City Parliament are generally held once a month on Tuesday evenings. They are public.

The City Council of St.Gallen is a collegial body with five members, and it is responsible for administration, submitting requests to the City Parliament and executing the decisions made by this body. It informs the public about business of general interest and represents the municipality externally. While each individual member of the City Council is responsible for running one of the five departments, all important decisions are made by the City Council as a collegial body. As such, it is also responsible for all bills submitted to the City Parliament.

Residents with voting rights are entitled to have a say in political developments, and voters express their opinions in the city’s ballots and elections. Special possibilities for participation are available to individuals without voting rights.

The Municipal Code is available in Germany only.


Verwaltung und Politik

City of St.Gallen

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