Public Schools

State schools


State schools are publicly run, and they are free to attend. Boys and girls are taught together in all classes.

Preparation for school and kindergarten

Every three-year-old child has the opportunity to attend a SpiKi playgroup in their area once or twice a week for a year before starting kindergarten. SpiKi is an offer provided by the city of St.Gallen to make the most of the time before kindergarten for important steps in the child’s development.


At kindergarten, the child’s development is promoted through free play and experiencing and creating things together within the group. Attendance at kindergarten is compulsory and generally lasts two years.

Primary schools

Primary school passes on knowledge and helps to form the children into independent personalities. In primary school the subjects German, mathematics, people and the environment, art, learning and working, music, sport and religion are taught, and lessons take place in High German. English is taught from year 3 onwards, French from year 5.

Secondary schools

Four different types of school are available at the secondary level, based on achievement: Sekundarschule, Realschule, small classes at Realschule and Untergymnasium. Children who are particularly gifted in the area of sport, music or art have the opportunity to attend the Talentschule.


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